Pottery Artist​


I have been asked “what statement am I trying to make with my art”, the answer is I don’t have one specific statement. We all have several layers of ourselves and our lives; I am embracing all of my multi-dimensions and using them to take me on an adventure through my pottery.

I love the fact that I can take clay from the earth and interpret/mimic various designs and textures into a something that is pleasing to the senses.

I have tried to have a “plan” before I begin a piece, but I am more of a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of person. Each piece usually ends up carved, altered or enhanced. One thing about my pottery is its always evolving; some of the items might have similarities, but no two will ever be the same, I always make sure of that.

Even my so called “Functional” pieces have some alterations to them, I like to make sure anything and everything has a distinct personality to it.

My dream is to share my passion for Pottery, encourage anyone who is exploring the possibilities of working with clay, and see what it offers them; but above all else, HAVE FUN!

Gypsy Potter Studios